Become a shipper in easy steps

Do you travel frequently? Are you traveling somewhere soon and you got a free space in your bag? Why don’t you help someone who needs to send a shipment (book or document) to the same destination as yours, and you can earn money as well!

He / She could meet you anywhere you want in order to hand over the shipment (book or document) to you, and once you arrived to your destination just contact the consignee who will come and pick up the shipment from you.

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Add new trip for free

Login, add a new trip, write your message to the sender, select your destination (from country, from city, to country, and to city),

Choose your departure date

Doesn’t matter if you travel with plane, or by your car, or using your bike, select your departure date.

Welcome your first sender

Choose the price you want for your service. Once your listing is live, people who are looking to send their document with you can reach out and buy your service.

Save money, Send faster, Connect

By using Mailportation platform, senders can save money, send shipment faster, and connect with new people and make new friends.


How to add new trip?

How to name your shop?

How to mark product as shipped?

Easy payments

Decide how much to charge

It is completely up to you how much you want to charge for your service.

How much we charge

We don’t charge for sign up. Mailportation normally charges shippers a flat 20% per booking.

When you get paid

Mailportation releases your money about 24 hours after the shipment been delivered to the end destination. Mailportation can send your money by Paypal direct deposit or other available ways.

frquently asked questions

For shippers

Earn money

As a shipper, list your trip on Mailportation, someone could use your service and send with you.

Please remember, you can only accept to ship with you papers, documents and/or books.   

What kind of goods the shipper could accept?

Only books, document or/and papers.

How do I create an account?

If you don’t have a Mailportation account yet, go to and click Register.

Registering and creating a mailportation account is free.

After you register, be sure to complete your account as a shipper, or you can apply to become a shipper.

How do I list a trip?

Login to your account, click add new trip in the menu up next to welcome, then you can watch our how to add new trip video

I am a shipper what to do if I got an order?

Try to contact your customer (sender) as soon as possible not more than 24 hours, set up an appointment with the sender in order to get the shipment and the consignee details.

I am a shipper what to do after I've arrived to my destination?
  1. You have to contact the consignee (person who will collect the document from you), please remember to ask the consignee to bring his/her official ID.
  2. After you handed over the document to the consignee, login to your account, go to Dashboard on the same page you will find at the bottom Orders, select your order and mark shipped. Or you can go to dashboard > Edit products > Orders > Select the order and from dropdown menu select Mark shipped > Apply. This will let us know that you are done, and we will proceed with your payment.

What if someone booked my trip and then I cancelled the trip?

Cancelling your trip after has been booked will create a negative comment about you, and that will affect your rating, unless you did inform Mailportation and the sender in at least 48 hours before your departure date.

When shipper will get paid?

After the order marked shipped, we would proceed with the transfer to your PayPal account or to your bank account.

How to delete my account?

To delete your account:
If you want to permanently close and delete your account, contact us.
When you delete your account:
We will verify your identity for security purposes before accepting the deletion request.
Any shipment you currently have as a shipper or a sender will automatically be canceled.
We’ll start working on your deletion request after we receive it, but some of your data may remain in our systems if we are legally required, or while we are legally permitted, to retain it.

Instead of deleting certain data, we may de-identify or disassociate it, such that it no longer appears associated with you. Some information, such as your reviews and messages you sent to other users, may still be visible to others.

Once your account is deleted, you can’t reactivate it, recover any data, or regain access. You’ll need to set up a new account if you want to use Mailportation again.

For senders

Save money, Send faster, Connect

By using Mailportation platform, senders can save money, send shipment faster, and connect with new people and make new friends.

Please remember, you can only send papers, documents and/or books.   

What kind of goods the sender could send?

Only books, document or/and papers.

I'm a sender how to send?

Choose the suitable trip matches your destination, click “select a shipper”, follow the process for payment, and then shipper can contact you in maximum 24 hours.

What after I selected a shipper and I paid?

The shipper has to contact you and setup a time to meet with you and collect the document from you.

Shipper will get paid only once he/she has shipped your document to the destination.

Don’t forget to give the shipper the consignee contact details and name as it is written on the consignee ID.

What if I paid and the shipper did not contact me?

Shippers can take them up to 24 hours until they can contact you, please contact us immediately if after 24 hours you didn’t receive a call from your selected shipper.

What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the Mailportation website?

Don’t send them money. We’ll never ask you to pay for anything outside of our site.

If you paid for your shipment outside of Mailportation (for example, a wire or bank transfer), you may have paid for a fraudulent shipper.

What if a shipper didn't ship my document?

All shippers are pledged to ship your document as per our terms of use.

Why should I pay and communicate through Mailportation directly?

Paying and communicating through Mailportation helps ensure that you’re protected under our Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, cancellation and refund policies, Shipper Guarantee. It also makes it easy to find and reference important details like a shipper’s identity, and other useful information.

Paying or communicating outside of Mailportation also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

Report suspicious messages
Never pay for a shipper outside of Mailportation. If someone asks you to pay outside our on-site payment system—or you think someone might be sending you links to a fake Mailportation site—tell us about it in the report spam form and report the message.

If you didn’t pay your shipper through Mailportation (for example, a wire or bank transfer), you may have paid for a fraudulent.

If you’re not sure, you can check if your reservation was booked through Mailportation by contacting us.